Thursday, February 16, 2017

Argument Essay

In my ELA class we have to write an argument essay, so the topic I choose was students should have cell phones in class. And I'm going to list a few hooks.

An anecdote:  Ashley was sitting in class and her teacher asked her to get their new computers out, so when Ashley went to get her computer she dropped it because the computers are so old they are heavy. A way they can save money on buying new computers is that students should be allowed to have phones in class.

A surprising fact: Did you that studies show that students have more fun in class with their cell phones in class. This is why students need their phones in class.

A rhetorical question: Have you ever thought about having your phone in class? I think students should have their cell phones in class.

A quote: "There if we keep students, grade k-12, they will be happy is what we want right?" This is why students should have cell phones in class.

Those are some of the hooks I have pick. Please comment which one is the best and your feedback about them, thank you!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hello World!!

Hello I'm Sydney a seventh grade student, I show pigs and cattle.

I play softball,swim, and cheer. I am doing this project for my class.

I have never blogged in my life before.

So don't get mad at me or my blogs.